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Ever stopped to think why headboards might exist?

Many believe that a headboard is purely for good aesthetics.
However, a headboard can provide much more than that, including back support,
a buffer against a cold wall and also help with Feng Shui.
Functionally, a headboard supports your bed and can protect your wall from scratching, scuffing and staining.
It can also keep your pillows from falling off in the middle of the night and provide a cozy and contained bed environment.

Headboards have gone through many changes throughout history.
In Ancient Egypt, archaeological evidence suggests that headboards were created for a practical purpose, acting as a barrier against draughts to keep us warm whilst we slept. The headboards were then made of wood, which is less thermally conductive than stone or brick.
They were constructed with thicker end pillars to create space from the wall and allowed the falling cold air to sink to the floor rather than onto the bed.

It was a sign of social status with the richer having more elaborate designs.
The poorer either went without or created their own from straw and cloth.

It was in Ancient Greece that headboards began to have cushioning and extra support. There were some headboards carved in ebony, silver and gold, which are depicted in many early drawings – undoubtedly more for show than comfort.
During the Middle Ages, there were some major changes made to headboards. This was mainly due to the invention of four-poster and canopied beds – which, once again, were linked to wealth and status. The bed was commonly the most expensive item of furniture in the home, so they became even more elaborate, of course headboards needed to keep up. Many headboards from this period still exist in good condition today, which emphasises the sum of money their owners would have paid for them at the time.

In the 19th century, the Victorians exchanged the comfortable padded headboards for durable iron ones. However, this fashion was short lived due to the advent of the First World War which halted the source of iron as they were channeled to the production of weapons.

Headboard Feng Shui

One of the most often recommended Feng Shui adjustments to your bedroom is having a solid headboard for your bed. It is believed that a headboard gives you the sense you have ‘a safe and strong mountain at your back as you sleep’. It is also said that a strong headboard creates a safe space for intimacy and connection.

So there you go!!
So many reasons to get yours now!

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